Welcome to Mooresville Airgun Club


Sorry guy due to the chance of rain and weather we will be canceling this event. I was hoping we would get a break for it but just doesn't look good.

We are a Airgun Club located near Mooresville N.C.


Mooresville Airgun Club objective is to help promote

Airgun Feild Target in & around the

Mooresville North Carolina Area.


We will try our best to hold at least 1 Airgun Field Target match a month.


All our matches will follow the AAFTA rules set forth for

US Airgun Field Target.

Further information about AAFTA can be found at aafta.org


This club & site is new updates to the site are in the making so keep checking back for more to come.


We thank you for your interest in

Mooresville Airgun Club & Airgun Field Target Shooting.