Here are the results for our 7/14 match I know it does not have all the info on it. I am working on a system to start getting all that info in. I know a lot of people like to see the equipment that was used for each person. Sorry about that. I am a one man show at this right now.

Mooresville Airgun Club July 14th 2018

M.A.C. Mooresville, NC

60 shots, 30T

Hunter PCP                                                                       

                54           Ammon Piatt

                51           Will Long

                47           Jody Morrison

                41           Lathen Huff  (Junior Shooter)

                40           Joseph Morrison

                37           Miguel Sanchez

                32           Dave Bingham

                28           Noah Piatt  (Junior Shooter)

Hunter Piston                                                                  

                39           Ed Canoles


                48           Gerald Long


                47           Susan Smith

Open Class

                57           Will Piatt

                49           Artie Claudino