Mooresville Airgun Club April 28th 2018

M.A.C. Mooresville, NC

60 shots, 32T

Hunter PCP                                                                       

                51           John      Ford                  FX Independence          CenterPoint 4-16

                48           Miguel  Sanchez           B. Marauder                    UTG 4-16×44

                43           Jody       Morrison         B. Marauder                    UTG 8-32×56

                28           David     Clark                 Anschutz                         Hawke 10-50

                14           Pam       Morrison         B. Marauder                    UTG 8-32×56

Hunter Piston                                                                  

                24           Mark     Cimijotti          TX 200                             UTG 4-16       


                41           Don        Armstrong      Thomas FT                       Sigtron 10-50×60 FT


                32           Susan    Smith               FX Streamline                 MTC Viper Pro


Inaugural match for this new club and we could not ask for a better day.

Very nice sunny, bright and beautiful day, with amazingly comfortable temperatures beginning in the high 60´s to the low 70´s at the end of the match,

We had a very gentle breeze that was almost inappreciable on the range early in the morning and increasing during the match to give us a good opportunity to enjoy a range with 15 lanes in the trees, with two targets per lane and two shots per target for a total of 60 shots in a calm environment with a Troyer rate of about 32 counting the shade and wind, what more could you ask for?

Jody was the match director reminding us all safety rules and saying a prayer before starting.

Due to the short notice and the coincidence of the 2018 Cajun Spring Classic, where some of our friends where shooting, (amazingly good by the way), we had 8 shooters show up.

John Ford had the higher score of the match with 51, with me and Jody after him in Hunter PCP.

Was a pleasure to meet Susan, she had the wrong range card and was guessing most of the time but did very well.

We welcome Mark who did very well in Hunter piston on his second match, (correct me if I´m wrong Mark)

I want to thank everybody for coming out for the first match of the Mooresville Airgun Club, it has been a pleasure to spend a very nice day with you all and I hope we will have many more in this wonderful new spot and I wish best of luck to Jody and Pam in this new project to help spread the Field Target shooting in NC.