Mooresville Airgun Club June 2nd 2018

M.A.C. Mooresville, NC

Due to the preparing work needed to be done in Pleasant Hill for the Nationals in October, some of our friends where there helping and we were just four shooters today, but never the less it has been a wonderful day, bright and quiet allowing us to enjoy a friendly and relaxing match with nice conversations.

  Sue, Arty, Jody and myself (Miguel) start sighting in at about 8 and went to the range at 9 which give us plenty of time to complete it and be back home early. Arty did very good with a total of 43 and Sue did a fantastic 41, which is a huge improvement from last opportunity.

  Jody and I where even at the end with 49, and again Jody beat me on the tie-break. I want to thank all that came and all that where helping to dress up the course for the nationals. I hope we will see you next weekend. It is always a pleasure to meet you all and shoot with you. And for those who could not come, give it a try, you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Best regards.
Miguel Sanchez