Mooresville Airgun Club June 9th 2018

M.A.C. Mooresville, NC

 Another fantastic day in Mooresville, NC, with Carolina Blues clean and clear, virtually no wind and temperatures in the high eighties, but, out of the first lane, which is in the sun, the sensation was way less in the trees shades.

 We were 6 shooters today, glad to see Paul Porch at the range here, his lessons are always welcome to help all of us try to improve and keep learning. Also good to see Mike, he is, as me, newbie, and he did very good at his fifth match.

 We sighted in at eight and begin the match at 9, and soon it was clear that Paul’s scope problems are a thing of the past, he had his scope replaced by the factory, (was defective) and came back really strong to have the top score of the match with a fantastic 56 confirming why he is one of the top shooters around.

 Artie did well, it is still adjusting time, but is doing very good and improving consistently. The Hunter class was very tight, Jody did a very good 48 and Mike and I where even to the last lane where I missed one target and he did not give me any more chances. Special mention to Joseph, he did fantastic as well, even more sharing Jody’s rifle until he is able to get his own and adapting himself to Jody’s settings and without much time for practice.

 At the end of the match, Pam delighted us with a wonderful prepared pasta bolognese with garlic bread and strawberry pudding with cream that was simply amazing, thank you Pam, you are awesome.

I want to thank everybody that came and encourage you to give it a try next Match on 06.30.2018.

In the meantime, I hope I can see you all next week in Eunice.

M.A.C. Mooresville, NC 06.09.2018

56 Paul Steyr LG110 Sightron Slll 10-50×60 JSB 10.34
41 Artie Daystate Tzar Aztec 5-25×50 H&N 10.65

48 Jody B. Marauder UTG 8-32×50 JSB 10.34
47 Mike Steyr LG110 Hawke 8-32×56 JSB 10.34
46 Miguel AA S500 UTG 4-16×56 JSB 10.34
43 Joseph B. Marauder UTG 8-32×50 JSB 10.34

Best regards.

Miguel Sanchez