Registration for Mooresville Airgun Club

Registration for Mooresville Airgun Club cost $25 yearly. This can be paid anytime you come out to shoot or at any FT match we are holding.

Mooresville Airgun Club registrtaion  fees goes to help with the costs of keeping club targets and the range up to date as well as the cost of the web space for this site as well as other things.

Registered members pay $10 for regular matches rather than $15.00 (sometimes we have higher or different prices if, for example, lunch is included).  We also have a members-only email list that you will be subscribed to.

Members also get polled and feedback is sought related to the club’s vote on issues submitted or before AAFTA related to rules and bylaws.

M.A.C. has no by-laws.  However, there are officers and an effort by all involved to be inclusive and open to those who want to participate and help grow the sport of field target.

All Registration Fees are per calendar year.

Please take the time to review the AAFTA rules found here AAFTA_Handbook_2018.

Registration means you accept all the rules in the AAFTA Handbook.


Field Target Practice Range Info

Our Field Target Range will be open for FT practice throughout the week. There will be no practice allowed on Sundays between the hours of 9am & 1pm The cost to use the range for FT practice will be as follows. These cost are to maintain the targets and the range.

Anyone wanting to shoot at the range will need to sign a wavier form before any shooting is to be done. There is no exception to this rule. You will need to contact Jody Morrison 704-880-2029 before planning to come out and do any shooting.

Members = $10 a day

Non-Members = $15 a day